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Is it the same procees to apply for Section 8 in Hawaii for rental assistance?

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is a HUD funded rental assistance program that encompasses all of the United States. The procedure to apply for Section 8 in Hawaii is the same as it is in any other state. In order to qualify for Section 8, one must be of low income. HUD has a median low income level that is unique for every state. The U. S. has different economic regions. For example, the cost of living is much higher in New York than it is in Missouri. Our Online Packet can assist you in finding applications and apply for Section 8 online for Hawaii when applications are being accepted. Section8programs.com will help you find the housing authorities online that are accepting applications for Section 8 in Hawaii. A Section 8 housing application or a low income housing application is always free at your local housing authority if they are accepting applications. Section8programs.com has no affiliation with HUD, the government or your local housing authority.

The Online Packet also helps it's members find rental assistance and Section 8 listings. In addition, we help our members to discover many other programs that would benefit a low income person. We charge a small fee for our research which is consolidated in our Online Packet. We can not guarantee that your housing authority is accepting applications at this time, but we do update our Online Packet each week with this information. When someone says that they want to apply for HUD, they are really talking about the Section 8 rental assistance program. The tenant will pay about 30% of their monthly income for rent. Section 8 will pay for (subsidize) the rest.

Landlords must have their property inspected by a division of the Section 8 office in order to rent to a Section 8 tenant and accept the Section 8 housing voucher. The landlord will prepare their own lease, but it will be no less than for one year.

By urging section 8 landlords nationwide to participate in government rental assistance programs, and educating them about subsidized housing, the gap between a low income tenant and an independent landlord is being reduced. You can apply for Section 8 by completing a Section 8 application when those applications are being accepted by your local Housing Authority. A person interested enough to become a Section 8 landlord can also benefit from our Online Packet.

Housing authorities and agencies in Hawaii

West Hawaii Housing Foundation
65-1410 Kawaihae Rd Kamuela, HI 96743

Public Housing Authority
600 Wailoa St Hilo, HI 96720

Hamakua Housing Corp
1 Sugar Ln Paauilo, HI 96776